Heather + Ryan | Normandy Farms | Blue Bell, PA

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Heather & Ryan were married at Normandy Farms on March 15th, 2019. The first warm day of the year was joined with family, friends, surprises, and joyous celebration. The rustic charm of their venue provided as an excellent backdrop for the cozy commitment they were to embark on. With the warmth and excitement of their friends and family, may their days be filled with laughter and joy. At the very least may their relationship be a testament that “man’s best friend” is also one hell of a wingman.

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How did you first meet: 
Our story begins in the beautiful, modern yet rustic, and picturesque town of West Chester, Pa. The fairy tale began like any other, when we just happened to run into one another in the neighborhood one evening. I was getting home from work, while Heather was walking, the then, puppy sized and adorable Hunter around the block. As I stepped out of my car, I must have caught Hunter’s attention, as he quickly pulled Heather towards my direction. Basically Hunter was attempting to give Heather and I a hint early on, but we must not of picked up on it. 

Heather and I struck up a conversation, which couldn’t have lasted more than two minutes at most, but I could tell there was a connection between us. Also, it didn’t hurt that Hunter wasn’t barking at me and actually seemed to really enjoy my belly rubs; which is probably why I’m his best bud now, other than his cousin Springsteen and tiny sidekick Francis. Anyhow, after the brief chat, Heather and Hunter strolled away into the night, and I knew there was something special in store for us in the future 

The number of encounters in the neighborhood became much more frequent, as if we both planned it, but didn’t want to say anything about it to one another. Then, on a random Wednesday evening we bumped into each other in town at the one and only Side Bar. There, on a night like any other, who would have thought an innocent gesture such as buying a drink for her, which I thank my close friend Craig for, would lead to our amazing and wonderful future together.

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What made you know they were the one for you: 
We both felt that we could be ourselves around each other and everything just felt natural.

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Tell us a bit about the proposal:
It was the morning of Saturday December 16th. We were both laying in bed watching television when Ryan offered to get us coffee in bed. As Ryan brought up the coffee, he walked over to the dresser and made it look like he was plugging in his GoPro to charge, but really he was turning it on record. He then walked over to my side of the bed, dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him.

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Location of ceremony and reception: 
Normandy Farm Hotel & Conference Center in Blue Bell, PA


Tell us about your first kiss: 
It was our third date and we were coming back from Tire Hands Brewery. I walked her to the her front door and asked politely for a goodnight kiss. She obliged and as we began to kiss, Hunter started to bark. Although it was a short kiss, it was definitely special.

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What were your highlights of the day? Were there any surprises?: 

Weather was absolutely beautiful.
Venue was amazing.
Our Vendors, (DJ - Signature DJs, Videographer - Nulty Films & Photographer - Joseph Ryan Photography), were awesome.
Our Guests danced the night away.
It was more than we could ever imagine.
Ryan surprised Heather with a second wedding band just before the photos began.


Anything DIY that you did yourself: 
Center pieces.
Jenga Guest Book
Window Pane Seating/Tables
Heather recorded herself playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and walked down the aisle to it.


What advice would you give to other couples planning their day: 
Don't stress the little things.
Be sure to eat.
Enjoy the wedding day because time fly's by 
Make sure you get your boogie on.

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Please tell us a little about the honeymoon: 
Sandals Montego Bay, Jamaica 
Resort: Fantastic
Food: Amazing
Drinks: Awesome (All Inclusive)
Service: Unbelievable
Definitely going back