A Photographer's Perspective on Love

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With Valentine's day coming up, I thought it would be fun to give you my personal insight into the topic of love. Pull up a chair and let me know what your perspective is in the comments below. I would love to hear your opinion on the matter. 


Love is an interesting concept because if you ask anyone what it means to love someone and be loved there is not one truly unifying answer. Some would say is its a deep affection for your partner, others rely on the support and encouragement of the ones that matter the most. Some may even look at their relationship from how successful their relationship is on a socio-economic level. Lovers can fight all the live-long day and fall asleep buried in each other's arms.

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I have seen so many forms of love and have been privileged to have personal vignettes into their lives. I have met the hopeless romantic artist. The travelers and adventurers that have no worries beyond living in the present and the couples that have planned out their lives so far in advance it would make your head spin. 

The truth is, on an emotional level, no one person can define love. It is akin to making someone tell you what the meaning of life is. You can give a cold textbook definition or a general statement on what it means but generalizing a human emotion is neither helpful or correct. I get to spend my life meeting couples and learning their lives. I get to see what love means to them and share special moments of their life together. No couple I have ever met has ever been the same. Their values, lifestyle, and interests all are a web that brought them to their partner. 

Someone to grow with, mature, evolve, and live with is such a personal gift you can give someone. Someone you can fail with. Face the hardships of life and know they will help you up and get you moving again. Sometimes the hardships of love are the most beneficial and most defining moments you can share. 


This life is not easy by any metric. Your life will be difficult, so will mine. Heck, even Steve down the road with his brand new Paleo diet that he will NOT STOP TALKING about. This is why love is a big component of our lives. To feel empathy and give it away is the most valuable thing you can put into your life. Far more valuable than Steve's boring Paleo diet, that new car you were eyeing, or any possession you can think of. Trust, patience, and empathy are truly timeless. They are values that measure your success for the rest of your life and something you can gift to everyone else without needing to go to Target.


Joseph Ryan is a New Jersey wedding photographer off of the Jersey shore.  Specializing in lifestyle photography and living for the moments in between moments.