6 Unexpected Things That Happen At Weddings

So after a year of planning and anticipation, your wedding day is right around the corner. The year has flashed by in a blur. All the major details are set up and planned meticulously but you still have some nerves that you are forgetting something. Here are some little surprises that catch might catch you on your wedding day. 

1. You might forget to eat!

In all the excitement happening and rush of the day's events you just realized "Oh my gosh, I am starving!" From the second you wake up on your wedding day everything starts moving fast. So be sure to sit down and chow down to keep yourself energized. 


2. The speeches will be either incredibly emotional or wildly inappropriate. 

Your family can craft such words of beauty that will expand your heart and make your emotions swell or your brother in law can tell a wonderfully detailed story about how your spouse once fell asleep drunk while holding a bowl of ice cream. I mean, we have all been there right?! Either way, the speeches will be a rollercoaster of laughs and tears. 

3. A first look will absolutely save your life. 

The anxiety sets in. You have not seen your fiance all day. Your mind races with thoughts. What are they feeling right now? Are they excited? Are they nervous? Did they button their shirt properly? You can feel so separated for the first part of your wedding. Then you do your first look. They are standing there with their back to you. You see their shoulders rise with slow, nervous, and shallow breathes. They spin around and look at you. He does that little half smirk that he doesn't know that he does. Everything around you fades into the background. You feel more in love than you have ever been. You are ready and you know without a doubt they are too. Suddenly there is no more anxiety. 

4. Your bridal party will be serious for about 15 minutes.

Your bridal party is a lot like watching a couple of puppies. They are adorable and noble and you are excited that you can share these moments with them. Then you turn around and the maid of honor is chasing the best man and one of the groomsmen is chewing on something that he should know he shouldn't be. These are your family and friends and if you let them run wild their excitement and enthusiasm will forever stay in your heart. 

5. You feel no different after you are married

It is such a big step. "We are married." you tell yourself. You expect everything to feel different. You look at your spouse and they are the exact same goofball that knew 3 weeks ago, when you two got coffee and binged watched the entire new season of Stranger Things in one sitting. On the other side of marriage is the person you fell in love with. Complete with all their quirks, personality, humor, and intelligence. The only difference is that you two are more deeply rooted in each other's lives and that is the best feeling in the world. 

6. Something will go wrong.

No one in the wedding industry wants to tell you this, but it is something you need to know. No wedding has ever been perfect. It is an idea that is etched into our culture that it has to be. Murphy's law doesn't take a day off but, guess what? That is perfectly okay. Life isn't perfectly polished and you knowing that will make for the best days of your life. Find enjoyment in it. I was at a wedding once where the cake wasn't 100% what she expected. We left to take some more photos and when we came back we found the bride's mother and the cake decorator pitching together to cut up one of the bouquets and decorated the cake a little more before the reception happened. It was one of the most sweetest and creative ways of problem-solving and made the cake look even better than originally imagined. If something goes wrong. Take a moment. Laugh and smile about it and know everything will work out just fine. 


Joseph Ryan is a New Jersey wedding photographer off of the Jersey shore.  Specializing in lifestyle photography and living for the moments in between moments.