The Millennial Wedding Experience

The millennial wedding is certainly not a traditional one. 20 & 30-year-olds are leading the charge in changing weddings from traditional affairs to LIT AF parties *cricket noises* Anyways, your everyday millennial couple is getting married later and cutting the cord on a lot of traditions in favor of personal touches and connectivity. Here are some trends this generation of wedding couples are changing the industry forever. 

In our socially connected world, it is more than common to see a wedding hashtag for the event. This takes all the wedding guests photos and instantly brings them into one group for the couple to see different stories on their most important day. It is a fun way to bring the entire party together in the information age. 

The Foodie Generation
We like food. No, you don't understand. WE. LIKE. FOOD. From mac and cheese stations to prime rib cuts to a dessert bar that would make Willy Wonka blush. You can expect to see a mountain of culinary delights at these weddings. Which is amazing because you do not want a hangry bridal party. 

"Let's get hitched, I got a party to attend!" 
The modern wedding is seeing shorter wedding ceremonies than ever before. In lieu of elegant and long wedding ceremonies.  We are seeing shorter, light, and fun affairs. Following the processional, we get straight down to business. Brides will vow to love their spouse endlessly and keep with a strict three-episode rule before deciding to binge a new show. Groom will vow to protect and honor their loved one and promise to not to forget to feed to cats and lead the charge in case of a zombie invasion. I do. I do. Kiss. Let's get to that mashed potato bar! This type of ceremony is the new generation's desire to turn weddings from a formal affair into a personal celebration of love and life. Receptions are where they can feel loved and together with their family and friends. 

Roll up your sleeves, it is DIY time.
We are seeing more and more of the creative and crafty sides of our hosts. From mason jar wedding favors to the mother-of-the-bride making homemade boutonnieres. We are seeing weddings get their own unique personality from friends and family pitching in making each event their own. I have even seen a groom make individual hot sauces as wedding favors. His own personal recipe!

Whether you are seeking a more modern approach to weddings or you just would like to have a more traditional affair. There is no doubt that the younger generation is making weddings so much more exciting, personal, and packed with fun and foodstuffs than ever before. 


Joseph Ryan is a New Jersey wedding photographer off of the Jersey shore.  Specializing in lifestyle photography and living for the moments in between moments.