Posing Tips for Couples

Posing Tips.jpg

When picking your photographer your main concern is probably "How will we look in our photographs?" There are tons and tons of methods for posing models to make them look their best. Knowing some simple tips and tricks can really up your photo game. Here are a couple tips I have for you that will take the nervousness out of your posing and make your photo shoot into a fun experience! Plus it will help in any photo you take for the rest of your life. Simple and useful!

Pick a photographer you feel comfortable with.
Inviting a professional into your life is a very personal decision. I would suggest finding someone you feel like you can hang out with. Someone that feels like they could be a genuine friend to you. This will help take the formality out of your photo shoot and make it a celebration of love. Photographers are often passionate and super friendly. If the veil of professional is lowered, your photo shoot can become a thrilling experience. Let yourself feel emotions, laugh, and goof around.


Make your partner smile and laugh.
One genuine smile is worth a thousand posed smiles. There is no doubt that you can probably make your partner laugh over anyone else on this planet. Whisper silly stuff to each other. Make a face. Refer to an inside joke you have. Make it a game and see who can break first. Hell, dance to no music if you want to. Showing these little vignettes of your life is going to make for a much better photo than if you spend 3 hours crafting the perfect photo. It will help break up the nervousness you or your partner might have. Fun fact: In the photo below John was whispering the lyrics to Kenny Loggins "Dangerzone" into her ear. 


Put your weight on it!
Try shifting your weight to one leg instead of standing with your legs locked. This will make for a more natural feeling pose that being rigid. Ladies shift your hips on that same leg. Show off that awesome figure. Men square your shoulders. Show off that strength and confidence. You would be seriously shocked to see how much of a difference this makes. 


I am not sure what to do with my arms! 
Something happens when you step in front of a camera. Couples tend to cross their hands and cover their crotch or keep their locked at the sides as if they are on a rollercoaster. Your photo shoot should give you confidence so if you don't put yourself into it, it will show. Men try putting your hands in your pockets with your thumbs out. Cross your arms. If you feel stiff and rigid, you will look stiff and rigid. Ladies can put a hand on their hip or even just giving your arms just a slight bend can make all the difference in the world. 


Do away with idle hands!
For a more natural look use your hands and put them to work. Guys can adjust their coats or shirt cuffs. Women can grab their dress or smell their flowers. Better yet grab your partner. Putting at least one point of contact on your partner will feel intimate and loving. Lean on each other. Grab their neck and pull them in for a kiss. Give her a twirl. Fun fact: It is physically impossible for a woman to not smile when she is being twirled. It is science. This goes back to the first tip. The more comfortable you are the better your photos will be. In 5/10/20/50 years, you will be able to cherish these moments. Your photos are a frozen moment in time that will never go away.


These are just a couple pointers. I know how difficult it can be to get in front of a camera and pose for a photo. It is easy for you to get inside your own head and overanalyze the situation. This truly is a moment in your life where you won't regret letting your guard down. 


Joseph Ryan is a New Jersey wedding photographer off of the Jersey shore.  Specializing in lifestyle photography and living for the moments in between moments.